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I think faith is a very good thing.

That is not surprising.  In our society blind faith is seen as a virtue.  People are indoctrinated into that concecption of it from a very young age.  Wey are told that believing ridiculous ideas that have no merit is a good thing. We are told that you can will yourself into believing these things if you just try hard enough.  For example, the embarrassingly bad children's movie, Polar Express.  A kid who does not believe in Santa (rightly so) somehow wills himself to have faith.  How is that a very good thing?  Priming young minds for stupid ideas.  Everyone who had anything to do with that film should be caged. 

I'd like to see a film about a kid who figures out there is no such thing as Santa and is celebrated for being so smart.  Good job, kid.  Can you connect the dots?  What other bullshit have you been told? No tooth faerie, no easter bunny, no leprechauns, no angels, no baby jesus, no god.  Very good, you are a becoming an adult now.  We'll talk about other, more mundane myths as you get older.  That is the movie we need. 

Faith - the kind we are talking about - is a terrible thing.  It is the antithesis of rationality.  It is saying you know things without any basis.  Faith is nothing more than unwarranted certitude, proud ignorance.

Faith is the reason more than a hundred thousand lives and a trillion dollars were wasted in Iraq.  Faith is the reason thousands of women were burned as witches.  Faith is the reason parents murder their children, either because they are told to fear vaccines or because they think god will magically cure their infections. 

It is a menace to all life on this planet and I despise the fact that it is promoted as "a very good thing". 

So, Guy, are you going to try to wash the stank of faith off yourself?  Are you going to attempt to reverse the indoctrination you have received that has held you back? 
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