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I choose not to. 

Oh, come on, don't be such a wet blanket.  Give it a try.  Seriously.  It's a good experiment and makes a really good point. 

We get a lot of flack from xians about how we choose to reject god.  But it was not a choice for me.  It was a realization that I could not believe any more.  I'm sorry to draw the comparison to Santa, but that is exactly what it was like.  Once I knew Santa was a fake, I could not unknow the things that lead me to that conclusion.  I was kinda pissed, because I felt like I lost something, or someone. 

It was the exact same feeling when I finally admitted to myself I was an atheist.  I'd known for some time that none of it added up and I'd tried to make compromises and excuses.  But I felt like I was losing something again.[1]

I have had a ton of xians tell me I just had to choose god again.  But I can't.  It would be like trying to choose to believe in Santa again. 

So, give it a try. Try to choose to believe in something you know is fictional.  Tell us how it goes.

 1. This guy describes it better:
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