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There are stories about Christopher Columbus as well.  What makes his previous existence plausible?

There is a lot we do not know about CC, but some evidence does exist.  Documents that correlate to other documents.  Portraits. Accounting logs, his own writings.  Not just narratives.[1]  The same cannot be said for yhwh or Zeus.

You are trying to equivocate again.  Stop doing that.  It does not make your point.  It is a social convention, not a law of rationality.  And even if you were correct, that we only have stories about Columbus and they are equally reliable about the OT stories about yhwh, you cannot be excused for having irrational beliefs just because other people have other irrational beliefs.  You cannot do that anymore than you can be excused for thinking 1+1=3 just because someone else thinks 2+2=5.
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