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Agreed; Russell in his radio debate with Coplestone makes this point very well. Of course there is a darkness here; if we accept that this is true of religious belief, what about other - apparently rational - beliefs?

I accept it is true about beliefs in general. 

I was an atheist before I came here. I knew a few more things about the bible than your average churchgoer and I had a pretty solid understanding of eastern religions.  So what I got from this forum[1] was a much more skeptical outlook and an awareness of my own magical thinking.  It helped me be open to the fact that I hold some stupid ideas which do not correlate to reality.  It helped me identify a few of them and honestly confront them, even though in all cases, I did not want to.  I wanted my beliefs to be true.  Now, I want to believe what is true.

This is not to say that I am free of magical thinking or stupid ideas.  Just that I am aware that they exist and I think I am more likely to confront them.  I think it is a skill, which with practice, people can get better at doing.

It may well be most, or even all, of our reasoning is post hoc!

 1. besides a broader and deeper understanding of xianity and how it is wrong
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