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To be fair, non-morons also aren't best pleased to be called a moron.....

That was my tribute to Holden Caufield.

And I think that's a telling statement - lots of people are simply happier wallowing in ignorance and "goddidit", either because it saves them having to think, or (like that lady) because they have been trained to believe that asking questions and thinking is somehow a Bad Thing.

As king, I would allow such people their stupidity.  However, I would also limit the responsibility they would be allowed to have.  No posititions of authority for them.  Also, no oven cleaners, glass, drain clog removers, knives, scissors and most definitely no guns.  And they would have to wear some identifier at all times - perhaps jester hats or a large "M" tattooed on their foreheads - so the rest of my subjects could easily know who the morons are.

They would have limited free speech.  Around other morons, they could speak completely freely.  However in the presence of a non-moron, they could only speak when spoken to or in the event of an emergency. 

I would be a great and benevolent king.

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