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These guys are not men of god.  They are con men.  Plain and simple.  This mission is obviously bullshit and just a reason for a few of the elite to jet around and hang out in Europe.  I'm totally jealous, but I'm also outraged. 

Can you whip up the peasants to break out their pitchforks and torches?  I mean, what would jesus H do?  Certainly not sip lattes in a fricken cafe in "The Land of Chocolate", sporadically talking to the least dangerous muslims he can find.  Fuck no.  He'd be in Amsterdam (just 2 hours away) ministering to drug addicts and prostitutes.  These scam artists need a full on revolt.

If you are looking for a way to explain to your wife your loss of faith - or at least a good reason to leave this particular church-o-rama - these fuckers are it.  You are disillusioned by the greed and hypocrisy.  Your trust in them is gone and in the bible, shaken.  Take some time to find a moderate, less crazy group.  Unitarians or Quakers.  Maybe that will help tone her down.  Like swapping heroin for pot.  Maybe she's only acting like an asshole because she's imitating the assholes with whom she associates?  Remove the assholes, get your wife back.

And then, maybe after that, you can have the real conversation with her?

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