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  I suspect the truth lies somewhere in between, minimum wage is not the answer.

Breitbart?  You quoted Breitbart as a counter-example?  I give you an article from the Atlantic and you respond with a piece from a hack, partisan site known for producing manipulated and selectively edited videos that lie?  As if averaging the two gives an accurate picture?   

None the less there are some who for some reason or another are chronically stuck at minimum wages,  but if cost for employees goes up wont jobs dry up at those entry level jobs.  resulting in the most skilled filling the limited number of jobs.  Tossing out the unskilled with the bath water.  Taking our most at risk and pricing them out of the market.

Historically, when the minimum wage has gone up, has there been a corresponding wave of layoffs?  A following up-tick in unemployment?  If I was a betting man, I'd guess not.  Otherwise, that kind of actual data would conclusive and thrown into the faces of everyone who wants to raise minimum wage.  Instead we get wonky arguments about Earned Income Credits and whatnot, which really only make things confusing.

On the other hand, Nobel winning economist, Paul Krugman says, raise the wage.
(note, NY Times, not a hack website)
Now, you might argue that even if the current minimum wage seems low, raising it would cost jobs. But there’s evidence on that question — lots and lots of evidence, because the minimum wage is one of the most studied issues in all of economics. U.S. experience, it turns out, offers many “natural experiments” here, in which one state raises its minimum wage while others do not. And while there are dissenters, as there always are, the great preponderance of the evidence from these natural experiments points to little if any negative effect of minimum wage increases on employment.
bold mine.  He also puts to bed Flynn's argument about the tax credit.  I'm believing the Nobel winning economist on this one.

This one too
there just isn’t any evidence that raising the minimum wage near current levels would reduce employment. And this is a really solid result, because there have been a *lot* of studies.

I'm a results guy, not an ideologue.  Try things, observe the results, then do what works.  I follow the data.

Were I to try and jack up wages I would open the millions of jobs currently held by illegal aliens.  They are an artifical depression on wages.  My way of dealing with this is destinctly different from most republicans who seem to blame the aliens (I don't our lax laws were a defacto invitation to them so I don't blame them) 

I really don't think illegal aliens are what is keeping wages down.  I think it has more to do with corporate power, the weakening of unions and labor laws over the last 50 years and the exporting of jobs to low wage countries.     

I would push for amnesty but it would require a simultanious crack down on employment of illegals.  I would bankrupt companies using ICE and INS agents to go after employers who employ illegals. 

I would revoke the citizenship of Americans (and their families) who employ them.  Then I would confiscate everything they (the former Americans) own except about $100.  Then I would deport them (the former Americans) to various Central American countries.  Good luck, bitches.

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