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Granted, I'm sure the chances some idiot breaking this law may be marginally higher, but if they were generally law abiding before, why wouldn't they continue to be?

Because doing the wrong thing has been made easier. 

Look, I'm not saying every gun owner is going to go out to the local bar, get boozed up and start shooting the place up.  And I don't deny that most - by a large majority - gun owners are (or try to be) law abiding.  But as was demonstrated in the forums I linked in the previous post, you don't have to sort through too many gun owners who find one who is willing to bend the rules, play stupid, or ignore the law because he thinks his rights trump everyone else's. 

So, because it is now okay to carry a gun in a bar, people will.  And cases of people - who are otherwise and generally law abiding -  with guns who drink will go up.  And only a tiny fraction of them will be caught.  But it will make a difference.  The more opportunities there are to make a mistake, the more mistakes there will be.  It does not take a lot of alcohol to cause a person to make bad decisions. 

Is it happening now? Sure.  But this gives a whole lot more people a whole lot more opportunity to say to themselves, "eh, one beer with my pals won't kill anyone."  And mos of the time it won't.  Sometimes, it will. 

This was a pretty common sense law.  Repealing it was pretty unnecessary.  I wish I were shocked by Odin and epidemic's knee-jerk responses to defend it, but I'm not.  Typical of the gun crowd.

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