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Let me explore that for a moment.  What if the SCOTUS were to decide the 2nd amendment really does allow us to take arms against our own government - people we have elected and can vote out - if we feel it is a tyranny? 

First of all, who is "we"?  Do people without guns get a say?  If it is a majority of us, why not just use the constitutional voting process to keep that from happening reverse the tyrrany

If it is a minority of us, how is it constitutional for a minority to violently override the will of the majority?  I recently saw a poll that said something like 44% of republicans thought a civil war might be necessary, presumably because of Obama.  Does the minority of a minority group get to override the decision those of us in the majority just because they don't like that decision?  Does that seem in line with the constitution to you?

If so, how does anyone think the vast majority of gun owners would respond to an armed uprising of urban, black and hispanic people on the basis that the government is systematically oppressing them? 

And what are the criteria for deciding whether it is a legitimate tyranny? What is the threshold?  Is it the loss of a whole amendment?  Does making religious organizations pay for health insurance constitute a tyranny? How about making people provide government ID to vote?  Or is it just about guns?  At what point is it okay to start killing police and elected officials?

Last, if we allow that the right to violently rebel is guaranteed by the second amendment, that means [wiki]Timothy McVeigh[/wiki] was innocent and executed wrongly.  His attack on the Federal building in Oklahoma City was his constitutionally guaranteed right.  More than that, it was downright patriotic.  That means [wiki]Aryan Nations[/wiki] is a legitimate organization, sanctioned and supported by the constitution and so is the KKK.  It gives license to every crank and fringe hothead to execute the winner of any election the outcome of which the do not like.   

This whole idea makes me ill.  Even if this is what Washington, Franklin, Jefferson and Hamilton had in mind, it is pure fantasy and suicidal to think it applies today.

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