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I wish that was taught in school versus spontaneous combustion of particles as an acceptable theory.

Spontaneous combustion of particles?  WTF are you talking about?

I think evolution, like the big bang is a theory and my thought, for science, would be to test and reproduce either theory to make it law or say, ok this one we can't explain, and leave it at that. Someone asked about my courses, I took stuff from pathophysiology all the way to bio techniques - intent was to be a lab rat, or drug discovery type stuff.

So you are a technician, not a scientist.  That makes a lot more sense.  Because this quote above shows that you know almost nothing about actual science.

FYI, evolution is tested.  It makes predictions and they work.  What you think are evolution and science are not evolution or science.  I am not saying they accurately reflect reality (though they are).  I am saying you are wrong when you say "evolution means this..." or "science says this..."  You are just flat out wrong.  As wrong as if I said "xianity says jesus H was a space alien with tentacles."  They are misconceptions.  You have a choice to either educate yourself or perpetuate your ignorance.  Which will you choose?

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