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I get your point, but it doesn't change the fact that I believe the NT depiction of Jesus return.

I doubt you do get my point.  You can believe it and still not understand what it really means.  All the jews believed in the coming of a messiah (and continue to do so).  According you to, as you have acknowledged, his coming was not quite what they expected.  But they still believed the OT depiction of the messiah's coming. 

Similarly, while I do not doubt you believe the NT depiction, you may not understand what god has in mind.  You have an interpretation, an image in your head, of what the NT says the second coming is.  But it is your interpretation and there is room for other interpretations. 

For example, take the line about jesus H having a sword coming out of his mouth.  That has to be interpreted.  You can interpret it literally - a guy with a 2 foot long steel blade sticking straight out of his mouth.  But even literally you can take it several different ways.  Is it a double edged sword or a single edge?  Is it straight or curved?  Is it short, like a dagger, or is it a two meter long Scottish claymore?  Is the point sticking out or the pommel?  Is it steel or is it another metal?  Is it a real sword or is it "spiritual"?  All these options and we've not even started on the interpretations of it as metaphor.

It's like if I were to say I am sitting in a chair.  You imagine some generic chair and think you know what I'm talking about.  But really, there are a zillion kinds of chairs and the likelihood that you are imagining the exact kind of chair I am sitting in is extremely low.

So your idea of what the second coming will be is just one of hundreds or thousands of ideas.  The odds are against you being right.  Your claim that it will be unmistakable in the light of this strikes me as rather arrogant, petulant and stubborn.  Sure, you can say "I think it will be unmistakable", but if you are being honest, you also have to admit you are probably wrong.  Just like you think the jews were.

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