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You are very religious, but you do not conform to an organized religion.

Why must you insult me?

I didn't.  I am sorry you look at it that way.  You believe in god.  Thus, by the definition of the word "religious" you are in fact religious. All that fluff about being spiritual is fine.  But you are religious.

I think I know better who and what I am than you do.

In some regards, I am sure.  When it comes to whether you are religious, not so much.

I will disagree with you on that, the most dangerous force in society is greed.

Nope.  Stupidity. The Fifth Basic Law of Human Stupidity:
A stupid person is the most dangerous type of person.

Oh you know what I mean. Poverty, violence,etc...

I did not know what you meant.  There is no way out except to die.  We call it "the Human Condition".

You're the one missing the point. The fact that you insist on proving me to be religious is evidence of that.

I don't have to prove it.  You admit it.  You just call it something else. 

Sorry.  gotta go.  I'll get to the rest tomorrow.  sleep tight junbug.
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