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Crap.  I missed this.  this is a Lulu. I cannot not respond to this.

I ask you to taste an apple but you refuse then how will you know what it taste like? How can you call me a liar. How can you say there is no such thing as an apple.

To keep with your terrible analogy, you are asking us to taste the apple.  We ask for the apple and you hold out your empty hand.  We ask, "where's the apple?"  You reply, "you cannot see it or touch it, but it's there."  We reach out for it and can find nothing.  As far as we are concerned you just have an empty hand.  There is nothing to taste.

I suggest you stop using analogies.  They are inherently problematic.

I also keep reading that some of you have tried to seek and found nothing.
I say this is simply your failure.
Your Failure is not a lack of my evidence of God

This is pretty rude.  You have told us evidence of god is easy to find, we just have to look.  We've looked and found nothing.  Now you are trying to absolve yourself of any responsibility by blaming us.  That there is some bullshit.  If a thing is real, it should be very easy for you to show us how to find it.  Even in theoretical physics they can predict the conditions under which obscure particles would be found.  But in religion, no one can ever reliably point us toward any gods.

You should be able to provide very specific directions.  For example, you mentioned the magical land of India.  I can tell you where to find it (southern end of the asian continent), longitude and latitude, how to get there, the flight schedule for Air India (flight 102 from JFK leaves at 3:10pm tomorrow for New Delhi), the internet address for google maps, etc. 

You should be able to give equally specific instructions to us for finding god.  They should be clear and simple to follow.  Yet you have not.  Instead, you have tried to blame us.  That tells me either you do not know the way or there is no way.

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