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I found it interesting that the King James version translated Asherah as grove or groves which means an "image of the same". 

asherim, being the plural.  If I recall, Asherah's symbol was a tree.  Thus plural, a grove.  However, it may have been indicating an asherah pole, which was a fertility symbol, and thus, a form of idolatry to the jews, harkening back to their pagan roots.  It brings to mind Numbers 21:8-9, where yhwh instructed moses to erect a pole with a bronze snake on it, for healing.  It is now the symbol of medicine.  Later, the jews were instructed to cut it down (2kings 18:4).

Also, I believe asherah was sort of a goddess of knowledge as well.  She was depicted as holding a snake or talking to a snake.  Thus, the whole Eden story was a polemic against asherah worship.

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