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You know, I really am a champion of democracy.  Rule of the people.  I believe in the concept. 

I'm not.  People for the most part are morons.  When morons rule, you get moronic decisions, moronic policies and a terrible nation. 

Democracy has requirements.  IF your nation does not meet those requirements, you end up with a fricken mess, not democracy.  For example, one requirement is that you have a nation with people who have good decision making abilities.  That requires education, engagement and a whole mess of other things.  India does not have that.  As a result, they are a mess. 

Afghanistan has none of the requirements.  Trying to institute a democracy there will be (has been) an utter failure. And it will always be until they meet the requirements.

Pakistan has none of the requirements.  They are a fricken mess.  Part of their problem is they are too stupid to get along with India.  As a result, they spend more money on their military than anything else that might help them make a country worth living in.   

Iraq currenly has few of the requirements.  Their government is a mess.  I'd say they had a shot at it, but right now, there is too much religion.  Religion kills democracy.

Russia lacks certain requirements, like a tradition of self rule.  They have a tradition of autocratic strong men whether Bolshevik Czars,  or Soviet premiers.  Thus, when the USSR fell and they had a choice, ultimately, they went back to a strongman - Putin.  Democracy there is not Democracy.

I think the US is slipping below some of those requirements.  We are becoming a mess.  Too many stupid people, too much religion. Look at Louisiana.  It is like a third world nation.  They re-elected David Vitter as their senator, for chrissakes.  Idiots.  I wouldn't care so much about the stupid things they do to themselves, but they send idiots like Vitter to congress to help make national policy. 

Unfortunately, most of the alternatives to democracy are not so great either.  I am an elitist, so I think ideally, you would have some kind of enlightened dictatorship.  Enlightened dictators are tough to find, since most people who would be dictators in the first place are not all that enlightened.  However, I would make an excellent dictator.  I'm great at telling people what to do.  And I enjoy it.  So, you know, if you want someone to rally your revolution around, I'm available.

But when I think about women in Afghanistan, they really got screwed over by "democracy." 

I don't think they got screwed by democracy. They got screwed by a religious/cultural tyranny.

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