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Women can be fired for being hot,

hot women are a huge liability in the workplace.  they are a distraction for the men and sexual harassment suit waiting to happen.  In some cases they can be safety hazards.  There was once a super-hot woman at my company.  She worked in marketing.  When she had to go out to the shop floor, where the marketing brochures were stored, half the men in the shop followed here over to the storage area.  Literally.  They stopped working, followed here there, and stood there staring, like idiots.

We had to ask her to stop going into the shop for safety reasons.  We use power equipment and it was just a matter of time before someone chopped off a finger (or worse) because they were paying too much attention to her ass and not enough to their work. 

I would never, ever in a zillion years hire a hot woman in my company, no matter how competent she was.  I would hire only post menopausal women.  that way I would avoid the harassment stuff and the maternity leave bullshit.

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