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The reason you may never see proof, or ever have a relationship with Jesus Christ is because you don't sincerely want one.

I swear to almighty glob, if anyone ever says this to me in person, I will knock evey last tooth out of their empty head and shove them right up their bottom.  I'm really sick of hearing this.

God has designed the world to make it impossible for someone to have God proven to them. Impossible for someone to be talked into a relationship with Christ. All of these would do nothing but cheapen God and the ensuing relationship that such shallow maneuvers would create.

God hides himself because knowing that a god exists would cheapen the relationship.  That's brilliant.[1] 

Justin, I noticed you are married.  Why do you cheapen your relationship with her by living with her and knowing her name and what she looks like and having met her in the first place?  Why don't you marry my cousin Sophia instead?  I won't tell you where she lives nor what she looks like nor anything about her.  This will give you an opportunity to have a perfect, pure relationship, instead of that cheap one you have with your current wife.

The rest of what you said was too stupid for me to bother to address. 

How's about you start addressing some of the counter-arguments?  pianodwarf and I spent a lot of time an effort to explain to you the problems with your ideas.  It is kind of disrespectful for you to just ignore us.

 1. that's sarcasm, because what you said was the exact opposite of brilliant.  It was stunningly idiotic. I was truly surprised by how stupid it was.
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