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I don't mean to be impersonal but I think bullet points will best help us stay on the same page while addressing all of your thoughts.

Thanks for responding. I do not mind that at all.

1. In what other ways would you expect my "natural mental break through" to affect my life moving forward?

I've spoken to people who claimed their disciplines would allow them to walk through solid objects, teleport, fly and other amazing powers.  But I give that no credence. They were obviously kooks.  I would expect you to continue to meditate as a way to reduce stress and focus yourself. And I would expect you to continue to be better at it.  Why?  What else should be expected?

2. It's important to understand that I'd only been meditating at that point for about two months. No master of anything here. Really just searching for truth the same way I have my entire life.

Well, then maybe meditation had nothing to do with.  But after having read your testimonial, I am at a loss as to why you would expect anyone else to connect your rather subjective experiences to any supernatural source, let alone jesus H.

I no longer have the ability to meditate as yogis and zen "masters" do.

I cannot be sure, of course, but suspect that is only because you think it is so. 

3. The issue with simply attributing it to the "myth" most prevalent in the culture is that all of my experiences since then have been tangible and causally related and congruent with the Bible.

I find that unlikely.  As with your initial "spiritual" experience, things happen and you just chalk it up to jesus.  Anyone can do that.  A lot of people do.  I could do that, but I find that to be egotistical.  I used to do it, back when I was xian.  But I was just deluding myself.  I think people want to feel special.  And what is more special than being favored by the omnipotent creator of all being? 

The bible has enough material in it, and the human brain is maleable enough that you can match anything you want to it.  In the American Civil war both sides used the bible to justify their respective positions on slavery.  My point being, there is literally nothing that cannot in some way be interpreted as congruent with the bible.

4. While the feeling in my heart was the biggest reason it was and is far from the only. As I said in my testimony I called my mom and without any other discussion she described the same experience. An experience I was never aware of bc I spent my entire life telling my mom how crazy she was and how she needed a crutch.

Sorry.  I don't find coincidences to be even a little compelling.  Sometimes when I walk by street lights, they go dark.  Is that evidence of my arcane powers?  No, unfortunately.  Sometimes I am able to convice weak minded fools to do my bidding.  Is that evidence the Force is with me?  No, unfortunately. 

5. While catholicism was in my background (I never thought of it after the age of 15 and before that I went through the motions as a kid, I'm 36 now) you have to understand that there was nothing I was more sure of on this planet then there not being a God.

That is not what I am talking about and it doesn't matter.  All that matters is you had a framework of beliefs instilled in you at a young age which you fell back on.  I'd be a little more impressed if your experience had pointed you in novel direction, like a religious tradition you'd never even heard of.  THAT would have been something.  "I had a feeling that I needed to [X],[1] so I did, and I felt bliss!  Later I researched it, and it turns out this is exatly what Sufi Mulims do!"

But it didn't.  You took it as a sign that the old one, the one with which you were familiar, was true afterall.  As if that wasn't totally predictable. 

I currently despise catholicism (not catholics, they're well intentioned deceived people), it's a cult no different the mormon and jehovah witness church.

While I agree about the cult thing, I categorize all religious organizations as cults.  You are in a cult.  That is because to call a group a cult is a way of delegitimizing them.  It is derogatory.  That is to be expected coming from me.  Coming from you that is hypocrisy and bigotry.

That is not a surprise, though.  I find most protestants are bigots.  I've been to a protestant service where the entire sermon was dedicated to deriding catholicism.  Pathetic.  Love your enemey indeed.  In all the years I attended catholic mass I never heard a single word against protestants. 

You are also deluding yourself with the sola scrpitura approach.  The bible was never meant to be the authority.  It was constructed as a tool by the church.  I generally eschew analogies, but this one works.  If yhwh were a hamburger, the RCC would be McDonalds.  The bible is just the menu.  McDonalds gets you the burger.  They are the experts at that.  They made menu just to help communication between you and they.  Just because you, BurgerMan, have their menu does not mean you can get a burger.  It is not the recipe. You protestants are idolators, worshipping a book, an instrument intended for teaching.

6.I don't care about Obama...

Fair enough.  It appeared otherwise in your blog, but I'll leave it alone.

Also, I removed your preachy post, the one you said was for you.  Preaching is not allowed here.  It is a forum for discussion, not for xians to preach at us. 

 1. http://www.encyclopedia-of-religion.org/practices_of_sufism.html
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