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I suppose the only thing that would make me believe at this moment in my life is if the supposed almighty showed and proved to me they were God.

But how would that be done? 

In your fantasy scenario miracles are being done, but how?  As far as I can tell, that remains unknown.  They just seem to be similar to other alleged miracles as described in the bible.  In that hypothetical scenario, we would just be witnessing things that boggled our minds.  And that is not evidence of anything but our own ignorance.  Thus, we still are not any closer to seeing yhwh. 

That is the problem you have when you have defined an entity in such a way that it is completely incoherent.  yhwh is supposedly perfect, omnipotent, omniscient, eternal, outside space, abstract.  Does any of that add up?  To me, it doesn't.  But even assuming it does, how could you or I verify any of those qualities if one day someone claiming to be God (capital G) showed up?

  • What is a perfect being and how would I know it if I saw it? 
  • How could I verify omnipotence?  It could demonstrate extreme power, but maybe there are things it cannot do that it is concealing from me?
  • How could I verify omniscience?  It could demonstrate vast knowledge, but if it got something wrong that humans don't know about, there is no way we would know.
  • How could I verify eternal?

It could be possible that this definition of yhwh is inaccurate.  Perhaps yhwh is a powerful being that has powers we cannot understand, but they are not limitless.  And he knows far more than us, but not everything.  And he can live a really, really long time, but is not eternal.  Then, what is he?  Not God (capital G).  Maybe not even a god (small g).  Or, worst of all, maybe all this god can do is manipulate our thoughts and make us feel sure it is god. 

My advice, if you meet someone claiming to be god, flee. He cannot be trusted and we could be fooled very easily. Wasn't that the point of Star Trek 5

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