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They had the chance and threatened to use it. That is where the quotes from then Senator Obama and Harry Reid come from....they were arguing (very eloquently and patriotically) against the nuclear option...which the Republicans did not use when they had the chance.

It was different then.  Bush was nominating extremist whackaziods.  Obama is not.

And just a few short years ago the Democrats disagreed with that statement.

It was different then.  Bush was nominating extremist whackazoids.  Obama is not.

And the nuclear option in effect gives the current president the authority to appoint, carte blanche, whomever he wants to any position open (except the supreme court) with total disregard for what the minority party thinks about it.

But if the majority is the opposing party, then what?

In other words...If you don't like the Democrat platform or the policies put forth by the Democratic party then...fuck you.

yes.  elections have consequences.  That is the point.  Tough fucking shit.

We will destroy democracy in order to achieve our goals.

oh please.  the filibuster is not democratic.  it is anti-democratic.

If you oppose our policies then you are the enemy.

oh please. opposing policy is fine.  obstructing appointments and agenda to the degree repubs have is tantamount to sabotaging government. 

Kinda like the abusive husband saying "SEE WHAT YOU MADE ME DO?!?" after he hits his wife for arguing with him.

so, do you, or do you not think the repubs were abusing the filibuster and just blocking absolutely everything Obama wanted to achieve?

It's a temporary fix for a temporary problem. However, it's a potential long term problem which may eventually need to be fixed.

I agree.  I think our system of government is outmoded and no longer works.  I think we should change to a parliamentary system.  However, I think a constitutional convention would begin a civil war.

Either way, however things turn out ... if it's "bad" then it's all the Republican's fault for bringing it on themselves.

You think they didn't?  please, elaborate.

The Republicans are the bitching wife who needs to be smacked around from time to time to remind her of her place.

so not the case.

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