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I'm not nogodsforme, but I play her on tv.

there was great opposition to Clinton when he tried the same thing.

He didn't try the same thing.  The plans were different.  Ostensibly, there should have been zero opposition to Obama's plan because it was the republican plan. 

It wasn't racism then, why would it be now?

I do not think it is entirely racism now, but I think that racism permeates the gop, particularly the teabaggers.  The repubs just want power and to get power they are appealing to the racists and latent racist feelings. 

1. If this legislation is a Republican plan born in the early 90's...why weren't the Republicans able to get it passed?

They didn't want to.  Doing so would be a victory for the president.  And they want him to have no victories.  Imagine that.  The repubs are willing to let the country sit in an economic recession and do nothing about it for 4 years just so they can try to recoup some of their power.  Grotesque, no?

2. Did they block their own plan?

3. Why did the Democrats hijack the plan if it's so terrible?

Nobody said it was terrible.  It is like DADT, imperfect, but a step in the right direction and the only plan that had a chance of passing.  It was a compromise they thought would work.

4. Why didn't the Democrats pass their own plan?

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