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So - can it be explained?


In the beginning there was the Ginnungagap.  On one side was Niflheim.  It was a realm of ice.  On the other side was Muspelheim.  It was a realm of fire.  Then, when the two regions mixed, they created a giant, named Ymir.  And the rest, as they say, was history.

Don't like that one?  Okay.

In the beginning there was The Firm.  They were a corporation that designed and constructed universes.  They have always just existed.  One day - whatever that means outside time and space - their sales team said they had a customer who wanted a particularly sparse and lonely universe, one that would be hostile to life.  The design team thought that was stupid, but hey, the customer is always right.  So they designed a universe with superhot stars, relatively rare planets, and vast stretches of empty intergalactic vacuum.

They turned the designs over to production, but they were held up by finance.  Apparently the customer was on credit hold.  The sales argued with the finance department and a few days later - whatever that means outside time and space - they were given the green light.   They created a singularity with some preset, finely tuned laws and then lit the fuse.  Some time later - whatever that means outside time and space - boom.  The sparse and lonely universe hostile to life expanded into being.  The customer was very happy.

Don't like that one?  Too fucking bad.  It's true and you cannot prove it isn't.  Plus, your alternative is shit.  One guy doing all the work?  Right.  Obviously it would take a whole team to create a universe.  I mean, how often to do see one person invent, finance and manufacture anything let alone as complex as the universe?  One person couldn't even design, make, market, distribute and sell a DVD player.  And even if your "single designer" hypothesis were possible, what about the tools?  Where did he get the tools?  And you would still have to have a customer.

Miles, you have the mind of a child. 
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