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You probably thought you shut me up didn't you?

No.  It was mainly for my own gratification and so any innocent bystanders who may stumble across your posts might have some factual counter balance.  I had no expectation that you would actually learn anything.

You put forth some counter arguments that feed your need for your confirmation bias,

Stop saying "confirmation bias".  You apparently do not understand what it means and keep using it improperly.  I think what you mean to say is that I am biased.  Leave it at that.

and have made up your mind that your counter arguments are the only ones to be considered.

I did not present counter arguments.  I presented facts.  Reality contradicts your claims and opinions. 

As a matter of fact screwtape, you have a history of maintaining a position by specifically avoiding to even read  counter arguments.  I spent a considerable amount of time going over and over points with you with the faulty notion that you were even reading what I have submitted.  It was ridiculous  then and I don't expect it to be any better now.

Red herring.  Whether I read your prior stories or not, you made a claim here that is factually incorrect. You said Obama destroyed the economy.  You made no effort to provide any evidence for your claim.  I provided evidence - lots of it - your claim was false.  None of that is impacted whether I read your story about a car with electrical problems or not.

When we talk about Barack Obama, are we talking about someone that has a history of promoting mortgages for those who can't pay or someone that promoted sound banking practises.

You must support that claim.  Right now, all it is is a claim.  In fact, the Snopes article I linked contradicts it. But if you have actaul evidence, you'd better cough it up.

My argument does not require Obama to have single handedly crashed the American economy,

Yes, it does.  You said:
He then proceeded to destroy that economy. Like Obama

Amin commandeered a complicated machine with absolutely no clue how the machine worked, and then just drove it off a Cliff.  Like Obama.

That is pretty absolute.  If you want to back pedal now and say "alright, I overstated my point.  It was not ALL Obama's fault, but I do not like his policies", that's fine.  Then say that.  But you do not get to say that was your point all along.  That would be a lie, Wayne.   

only that he has always promoted the very policies that did such,

No, that was not your point.  See above.

Here's an example that you don't even have to read, it's a video. http://foxnewsinsider.com/2012/09/03/did-obama-court-case-help-bankrupt-black-homeowners-daily-caller-reveals-presidents-legal-backfire/

video is disabled for me.  I read the article above it.

1. It's foxnews.  they are a propaganda network, not actual news.

2. It uses Daily Caller as a source.  Daily Caller is a propaganda site by Tucker Carlson.  It is not credible and he's a hack.  They are the ones who pushed the story about Senator Menendez visiting prostitutes.  It turned out the "prostitute" was paid to say those things in front of a camera.

3. The article itself gave no evidence that it's claim was true. It was just a wild, unsubstantiated claim.

4. The Snopes article I linked sufficiently debunks this "story".  It is a fabrication.

5. The big problem repubs have right now is they cannot tell the difference between propaganda and facts. This is why they were stunned election night.  Every pollster in the country knew Money Booboo was going to lose.  The only people surprised were the ones who were GOP loyalists.  They thought they could make their own reality.  They couldn't.  You need to stop using these propaganda sites for your news. I tell you that for your own good.

Time for you to answer the questions I asked you in my last post. 

1. Specifically, what did Obama do to destroy the economy?  Keep in mind, I ask the day after the Dow Jones hit a record high.  So before you answer the question you might need to establish that the economy is actually destroyed.
2. Specifically, how did Obama "commandeer a complicated machine with absolutely no clue how the machine worked, and then just drove it off a Cliff"?

Until you answer those questions sufficiently, your posts will not be approved.
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