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I think you did not read carefully I am not a xian

Whom are you addressing?  I got your meaning.  The thing is, the god you believe is rooted in your culture.  If you grew up in the US, and I (perhaps wrongly) assume you have, then the god you believe is rooted in xianity.  So while you may not strictly believe all the hocus pocus associated with xianity, your understanding of god is from a xian perspective.

I am just a person who has lived through a lot of grief and  God helped me through all of them.

You keep saying things like this without explaining exactly what you mean.  Exactly how did god get you through it? What did god do?

It is difficult for religious people to come here and understand the idea of evidence or what is convincing to us.  Perhaps because so much of what they do in church involves reciting slogans uncritically or emotional expression they confuse earnestness with truth or evidence.  So please don't be discouraged.   It is hard, but stick with it.

I did not magically lift myself up from despair.  There was an undeniable Love that surrounded me and gave me comfort when I was so close to the edge. Where did that Love come from there was no one else around.

I don't think it was magical either. It was psychological.  But I do think you did it, not any gods.  The love you felt was your own love for an imaginary person.

I say I would bet my life on it because I am that certain that God exists.

Certainty is a feeling, an emotion, like happy or cranky.  It is a feeling that gets in the way of people learning new things, especially when they believe things that are not real.  If I said, "I'd bet my life the moon was made of cheese, because I am certain it is," well then, I would be mistaken, my certitude not withstanding. 

I don't need to see Him to know He is there.

I still don't understand how you think you know.

I believe Webster

The dictionary guy?[1] That may be fine for casual conversation.  But we are talking philosophy here.  Metaphysics.  The Objective Truth About the Universe.  Good and evil are just labels which are relative to those who apply them.  I ask again, is it good or evil when a lion kills a young gazelle?  Try thinking about it from the perspective of the lion and then, the gazelle.  Are your answers different depending which animal from which you make your consideration?

I would describe my relationship as this; unconditional love.

That doesn't explain it.  We're not on the same page here.  You see, I have a relationship with my wife.  It entails interaction.  I talk to her, she talks to me.  I do nice things for her, she does nice things for me.  We relate.  I've tried to have a relationship with god, but I found it to be an unceasingly one sided affair.  So, when I ask you to describe your relationship, I am looking for interaction.  You talk to god, does god talk back? And I don't mean weird coincidences or ambiguous omens.

Unlike the xians doctrine God does love us no matter what we do.  Whether we are gay, black, whores, or whore mongers the love is there.Whether your atheist, pentacostal, baptist, buddhist, pagean, it just don't matter,

Great leapin' jesus, I'd hope that if there was a god it wouldn't have unconditional love.  Otherwise god would love the mao tsedongs, the joe stalins and the rick santorums of the world.  And that would be unjust.  What kind of uncritical, undiscriminating god do you believe in? 

the love is there.

Where?  Where is the love?  Love may be a feeling, but it cannot be transmitted psychically.  If it were, then people would not be surprised when their spouse tells them they don't love them anymore.  You have to actually do things to make someone understand you love them.  When you say you feel love from other people, that is just in your head.  It is love you feel for them, not vice versa.  In order for you to know they love you, they have to actually interact with you, do nice things for you.  They have to remember your birthday, help you move, bring you soup and magazines when you are sick, change a tire for you, etc.  What's god done for you? 

Seems to me your on one [spiritual journey] right now.

That's rather too vague to be useful to me.

btw, there is a link in my sig that will take you to the tutorial for quoting.  Say "there's no joy like quoting" aloud three times, then click the link.  Or, just click the link.  It works either way.
 1. by the way, his peers didn't think much of him. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Noah_Webster#Federalist_editor
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