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For example, I hold him responsible for foisting Barack Obama's re election on the United States, which he could clearly have blocked.

But Wayne, if god made it happen then it must ultimately be for the best, right?  And if that is so, then how can you disagree?  I think god is telling you to get on board the Liberal Express.  Otherwise, you are opposing god's will.

Am I as angry as you at him? 

I'm not angry at god any more than I am angry at Emperor Palpatine or Tony Soprano.  I am angry that there are people who cannot tell the difference between what is real and what is imaginary.  I am angry that those people wish to impose rules on the rest of us that are based on their imaginary friends. I am angry that we are not allowed to feed those people to lions.

I can tell you for a certainty that your silly self projection theory doesn't apply in any way shape or form with me.

Oh, it applies alright. You see, it is about how you view god.  The bible does not paint a consistent, coherent portrait of this being.  So necessarily you must make choices. These choices reflect your personality. 

Let me ask you this - would you allow women to speak in church?

Nice try with your incessant slanders, I know they make you feel superior, but after a while you just look silly.

Wayne, I don't need to "slander" you to feel superior.  I feel superior because I am superior. 

Do you think Abraham Lincoln ...

irrelevant to the discussion and stoopid.

So I suppose Lincoln was just a SPAG.

Lincoln was not a SPAG.  Lincoln engaged in SPAG.  All god believers engage in SPAG.  He was a man of his times.  Saying he SPAGed is like saying Jefferson had slaves.  Both statements reflect the unfortunate but unvarnished truth.  Both men were mortals and were influenced by the place and time in which they lived. 

Lincoln pooped, too.

All the confusion, disagreements, and conundrums you find among believers are an interesting study, but none of it gets you off the hook.  If you are so much smarter, then you are more responsible for your idiocy.  God is just. 

Nope.  yhwh is not just.  If yhwh deliberately hiding from me and cutting me off does not get me off the hook, then yhwh is not just.  That has already been established and you helped me prove that with your bible quote.  Repeating your claim is not an argument. 

You say it's clear,  I say we see through a glass darkly. 

Wayne, we are no longer having a conversation.  I have tried to put together an explanation for you understand, consider and discuss.  However, it seems you have stopped doing any of that. You are just talking at me now, trying to get an emotional rise out of me.  I do not appreciate that.  I have put in considerable effort.  You... have not.

Let me over simplify the whole thing. 

You have oversimplified alright. So much so that you have rendered your point useless.  Latching on to one sentence, completely out of context is meaningless. 

Take a look at my visions and dreams (like having my leg amputated so that I would stop by and visit WWGHA) and then tell me again that I'm a SPAG.  See my point?

No, I don't see your point.  You are actually saying very little.  You are pointing to your dubious "visions" as if they are supposed to mean anything to me.  They don't.  I know you see them in a rather self-agrandizing way.  I do not.  I see mundane coincidences to which you have applied your gigantic ego.  You have placed yourself in the center of the universe, but given me no reason to accept your position there.

I can see your point here without being as certain about it as you are.

That's a start. Here is another thought to add to that.  If yhwh really wants everyone to go to heaven, and the sole requirement to get there is to believe in him, then why is yhwh only helping the people who don't really need help (the people who already believe) and cutting off the people who need it the most (the people who don't)?  It is like giving charity to the rich. It makes no sense.  It is confusing.  So somewhere in there one of your beliefs is wrong. 

It could be yhwh isn't actually good.  It could be yhwh doesn't actually want everyone to go to heaven.  It could be the people who claim they are being aided by "the spirit" are mistaken or lying.  It could be a lot of things. But one thing we can be sure about is that some part of that idea is wrong.

It is a severe mercy for sure. 

Severe mercy?  What the heck does that even mean?  It sounds completely selfcontradictory.

It can seem that way.  Job had every reason to think that way, but the seeming obvious injustice to him somehow didn't crush him. 

It is not seeming that way.  It is that way. It is like you admit it and deny it all at once.  There is something very wrong with your brain. 

And it did crush Job.  He was not buoyed by yhwh's love.  He was bullied and intimidated by yhwh and did the only thing he could - submit to this alien being or be destroyed. 

That's what I think was amazing about it and my back problem was a little example of God's secret way of sustaining in the midst of agony.  This is tuff stuff. 

Enough with the delusions of grandeur please.  You are not Job.

Without the abiding Holy Spirit, those terrors would have brought me to the same conclusion as you, but instead they became memories I wouldn't trade for all the gold in the world.

Why do you get the holy spirit and I get nothing?  What makes you so special?

I sense a contradiction in the last two sentences, the second part I think to be a weak declaration from someone who only wishes an entity exists that he just got done making a definitive description of.

No, Wayne.  No contradiction.  I speak of yhwh as a character in a story.  Literary criticism.  It was one of my minors in college.  I speak of yhwh like MacDuff in MacBeth or Luke Skywalker in Star Wars.  In the stories presented in the bible, yhwh is a villain.  If, as so many people believe, yhwh is a real being, then it is certainly an immoral being to be rejected and overcome like [wiki]Morgoth[/wiki] on the Silmarillion.

I can see that you are in a tight spot here screwtape,

Moi?  In what way?  What the flip are you talking about? 

I expressly sense that  you fear mentioning

Your spider-sense has failed you.  I don't fear your stories.  That idea is your ego protecting itself.  I'm not interested in your stories because they are silly.  You are a silly, deluded man who sees himself as special, more special than everyone else.  A minor prophet.  I don't know how you got that way.  Perhaps your mother didn't pay enough attention to you.  Perhaps you were dropped on your head as an infant.  Maybe it was a lot of drugs in the 70s.  Whatever it was, I don't know how to fix you.  But I do know that reading your stories is a pointless waste of my time, just like I know watching Oprah is a pointless waste of my time.  And the chances that Oprah or Wayne Harropson revealing uncomfortable truths are both near zero.   

I do have a question.  Did you ever read darkknight?

do you mean this?
if so, yes. 
If you mean something else, then no.

And what about Idi Amin. And about the earthquake.

What about them? 

It is all from that monster you don't believe in.

So says you.  And you are not very convincing.

I sense a chink in your atheist armor.  You actually are a believer, you just don't like the big Guy.

No.  I stopped believing in "the big guy" long before I decided he was a villain.

Can you be an atheist and believe in Satan?

I don't see how.

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