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That was a lousy post, Mooby.  Really lousy.  It addressed nothing and essentially just reasserted your original claims.  Raspberries for you.

I don't think I used "unicorns," and "magic" wasn't introduced by me.  And I don't think any of those labels are particularly "highfalutin;" all of those words are pretty common, with "unicorns" being the least common of them.

Irrelevant and completely evades the point I was making (and misses the blatant satire).

And on every other site I could possibly find on Google, including multiple sites run by actual Wiccans, spells are the practitioner's own manipulation of magic.

Yay, a circular definition!  And one that lets you dodge the obvious parallels between magic and prayer.

A prayer is a ritual activity wherein Mooby beseeches one or more supernatural entities to alter reality for him.
No, that's not what a prayer is.

Oh really?  Describe a typical prayer for me.  What do you and one of your many godlings chat about? 

As a catholic you might pray to god, the holy spirit, jesus H, the Virgin Mary, or one of several hundred saints.  Yeah, that's not polytheism.  Not at all.
Correct.  Christianity is not polytheistic.

Oh, no, not the least bit.  You may pray to one of three "pieces" of god (each of them distinct and individual entities) or a virgin mother or a zillion saints, but that is completely and definitley not polytheism.  No way, no how. No sir. Polytheism is something totally different.


Consubstantiation.  It is just a word catholics use so they don't have to say "magic".
Incorrect.  Consubstantiation is the process of becoming consubstantial, and that's not something Christians believe in magical.

Semantics and pretense.  You've not shown how it is anything other than that. Denials do not an argument or explanation make.

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