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first of all, I don't believe a word you said.  But let's for a moment assume you are correct.  You have described a situation where this demon has acted aggessively beligerent and in ways that could harm or kill you and your family. 

If satan's goal is to tempt people away from god, how does that help satan?  Let's look at what you say happened:

At that moment there is only 1 answer and that IS GOD there is no one or nothing else who can defeat a demon literally rid you of that demon.

So this demonic experience did what, now?  It pushed you right into the arms of jesus H christ.  So who benefitted?  god, not satan.  If the devil is that stupid/ incompetent why is anyone worried? 

these things are coy and sneaky...

really?  because you just described it as the opposite of sneaky.  You described a bumbling idiot. 

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