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I’m a little behind everyone here, but there are a couple of points I wanted to address that I thought were not.

Here is my take. God knew these people were going to be amputated. He knew they were going to lose a limb. If he didn't want them to he wouldn't have allowed them to lose a limb in the first place.

You are missing the point of the question.

There is a certian type of xian who attempts to justify his or her god beliefs by claiming that people are miraculously healed of various afflictions by divine intervention.  The afflictions may include cancer, diabetes, coma, heart conditions, tooth decay, halitosis, spastic colon, etc.  We frequently hear anecdotes about how some church group prayed for some guy and the next day he was completely healed. 

But there are several problems with this kind of reasoning.  First, data shows many of these types of afflictions sometimes "clear up" without any kind of prayers.  It seems to be a natural response or a misdiagnosis.  Second, people of all religions make the same claims.  Third, following your logic, why let them get sick in the first place if they were going to be healed by god in the end?  And last, there is a whole class of ailments that are never, ever cured by prayer or naturally. 

People never regrow lost limbs.  Lost eyes never regrow in the empty sockets.  Retarded people never gain normal mental capacity. Alzheimers and Dementia sufferers never recover.  Old people never rejuvenate. 

This has clear implications about a god that supposedly heals people.  It leaves you only a few conclusions about such a god.

Now, if you are not the kind of xian who claims miraculous healings, then this question, why won’t god heal amputees, does not apply to you.

Second point:
I have trouble when Atheists use words like Honorable and Humane though, ..
These things that you describe they are just things that happen if you are an Atheist there is no sort of moral value to them.

I wanted to punch your lights out when I read that.  Seriously. I still kind of want to, even now.  I am sick to death of hearing from xians how I lack morals.  You think you know what it is like to be us.  You think you know how we think.  You think you understand our position on various issues.  But you haven’t got a clue.  And you never bother to ask before shooting off your big, fat mouths.  And even worse – when we try to correct you about what we think, you have the gall to argue with us. 

You have been lied to by your leaders, be they priests, ministers, apologists, writers, bloggers, whomever.  They have made us out to be the opposite of all you hold to be good and true.  And that is a lie.  We are no different than you.  They have created bigotry and you have bought into it.  And that makes me very angry.

You should ask yourself, why do they do that?  Why do your religious leaders portray us as being so horrible?  What do they have to gain by it?  I think the simplest answer is, to make abandoning their influence appear to be completely unattractive.  Right now, they have influence over you, but not me.  If they said “sure, atheists are decent, moral people, but they just believe differently,” that might make non-belief a plausible alternative.  And they certainly don’t want that to be a possibility.   

Here’s a thought.  Take something written by one of your guys about atheists.  Paste it into a Word document.  Then, do a find & replace function, finding “atheist” and replace it with “jew” or “nigger”.  See how it reads.

Once again I don't think Atheists are immoral I just think you have no Grounding for your morality if it's decided by society and culture and is subject to change. If it's subjective you can't really call anything wrong can you?

If we cannot call anything moral, then you are saying we have no morals and you distinction is lost.  You are saying we are completely amoral, which is also a lie.
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