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So, let me make sure I understand what onesteward is saying.  If I understand correctly, it sounds like:

1. he defines a xian as someone who is "inhabited" by the holy spirit
2. atheists who claim to have been genuine xians do not believe in the existence of a holy spirit, and so, retroactively, could not have been "inhabited" by it.
3. thus, they were never actually xians.

However!  onesteward claims he really, really is a xian because he is now a receptacle for the hallowed haunt himself.

Please, correct me if I am wrong. 

If I am right, continue.

They are contradictory arguments.  In the first case he more or less goes along with the idea that there is no pious poltergeist.  The only way his argument works is if we are right.  If there is no angelic apparition, then it could not have been "with us".  But then he reverses his position when it comes to himself.  He definitely has it.  You can't have it both ways.

Either there really is a saintly spook, or there is not.  If not, then onesteward is right, we were never really xians[1]. But neither is he.  Owie.  If there is, then...

Either atheists who claim to be former xians really were inhabited by the sacred spectre, or they were not. If not, they were not a real xians[2], as one steward claims.  But he has no way of knowing or showing that was the case.  I mean, the reverent wraith can come and go as it pleases, right?  So ostensibly it could have been with someone and then either left or was evicted[3]  So, if it exists for him, it exists for all.  And his job to support his claim is to show that it was not with us at one point and then left was never with us in the first place.

Frankly, I think his definition is a poor one.  I would say that a xian is someone who believes that nonsense.  That would make it easy for onesteward, or anyone, to establish their bona fides as a xian. All he or she would have to say is "I believe suchandsuch..."  But that would force him to admit that those of us who were once xians really were xians and not a bunch of phonies.

But if his definition is the one you want to stick with, then he has a tougher row to hoe.  He has to prove:
1. there actually is a godly goblin
2. it really is inside him.

...in order to establish that he really and truly is a xian. And given that the blessed banshee is normally defined as "completely undetectable by any means other than just 'knowing' it is real", I think he's shit outta luck.  He has as much evidence for his own credentials as a True Xian as any of us.

Sucks to be him. 

edit - clarified my point
 1. as defined by him
 2. as defined by him
 3. exorcised.  tee hee!
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