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Dueling Mythology

Centaurs, sphinxes, griffins, and other chimaeras of ancient Greek religion = mythology.
Creatures with heads of bull, lion, eagle and man, with wings and hooves = Bible truth (Ezekiel).

Mohammed flying to Heaven on a winged horse = silly mythology.
Elijah flying to Heaven on a flaming chariot = history.

Canaanites sacrificing firstborn children to Moloch = horrific atrocity.
Israelites killing the rest of the Canaanites' kids for Yahweh = righteousness.

Talking animals in Native American shamanism = mythology.
Talking snakes and donkeys in the Bible = fact.

Movie graphically portraying a man being brutally tortured to death = great inspirational film.
Movie graphically portraying a man making love to one or more nubile women = atrocious filth.

Line drawing of a 5-pointed star in a circle (pentagram) = Really, really spooky!
A t-shaped symbol representing an instrument of torture/execution = wholesome symbol of faith.

Man who hears the voice of God through a hairdryer = crazy.
Man who hears the voice of God without a hairdryer = safe to trust with the worlds largest arsenal of WMD's. (analogy from Sam Harris)

Pulling the plug on brain-dead Terry Schaivo = major threat to the Culture of Life.  Resulting huge outcry, Congressional intervention, wall-to-wall media coverage. 

Killing 600,000+ Iraqis = barely newsworthy, not worth protesting or objecting to.

Some more behaviors a visiting Martian anthropologist might find a bit odd:

Janet Jackson's breast seen on TV for a fraction of a second causes a huge outcry and a $500,000 fine for the network.  Dead Iraqis shown lying in pools of blood with flies crawling on them during coverage of the invasion of Iraq is acceptable family television and stirs no reaction from the righteous save higher ratings (I saw this on CNN in the afternoon, i.e. when kids would be watching).

On the other hand, National Geographic can publish photos of naked Africans and Amazon tribes without stirring the slightest controversy.  Only Western breasts are terrifying.

People taking advise on sexuality, child-rearing, marriage, etc. from celibate clergy whose only experience in the area (for those who have any experience at all) comes from molesting kids.

Permitting the use of mood-altering drugs that cause hundreds of thousands of deaths and other assorted mayhem each year (alcohol and tobacco) while throwing people in jail for using marijuana to cure nausea while they take chemotherapy, or just using it for fun.  Then electing a President who used it--who perpetuates this status quo without volunteering to go to jail for his own publicly-admitted "crime."

And so on.

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