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I've said this before - I do not understand why the churchies don't just claim magic when it comes to the flood.  Instead, they try to justify it rationally, making all kinds of violence upon reason and science, torturing the English language in unspeakable ways to try to make it plausible that it actually happened.  I cannot understand why they never, ever just say "it was a fuckin' miracle!" and be done with it. 

Oh, no.   Instead we get treated to "well, there is a theory that there are caverns at the bottom of the oceans that the water shot out of...." or "well, the windows of heaven is not a literal term, it is figurative and just means it rained heavily..." or "you see, back then there was just one continent and the Earth was smaller.  As the water entered the earth by accretion, the earth expanded and the tectonic plates shifted and that is how the continents drifted...".  Puuuh-leeeeze. 

Attention xians: Just throw down your Get Out Of Reason Free card and say "Miracle".  All those other explanations make you look crazy and stupid.  I know, "magic" is crazy and stupid too.  And as a 21st century person you know you should have very good reasons for believing things.   But it just isn't working, and I think you know that. 

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