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However they got that way, those countries are backward shitholes.  And so the people who live there are barbarians.  That is not to say western nations didn't play a role in that.  But how long does a nation get to blame 19th century colonialism for all its woes?  At what point do they have to get their act together?

I have to add something:

USA imprisons more people per capita than any other nation on earth.  Massacres of innocent people including children, from Columbine to Sandy Hook, are a semi-annual occurrence.  Homelessness is common, often the result of simple illness and gargantuan medical bills.  The USA exports weapons systems across the globe, and refuses to ban land mines and cluster bombs, which other nations outlawed years ago.  The USA holds political prisoners such as PFC Bradley Manning incommunicado, and operates gulags in places such as Gitmo.  The USA dispatches drone bombs which kill 49 civilians for every so-called 'terrorist' into countries such as Pakistan and Yemen. 

A lot of people would say the USA is a shithole, and that Americans are barbarians. 

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