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The bishop's statements are BS, but in the 1990's it became pretty obvious that corporations were running America, and since 9/11, it's been pretty obvious that USA is on a seemingly irreversable path of becoming increasingly totalitarian. 


Under a system like the US, where people can be imprisoned and killed at the will of the president, any US president can be easily compared with Hitler. 

BTW, Nazi Germany and Hitler are well-studied, well documented case histories for students of poli-sci.  Responsible comparisons between other governments and the Nazi regime are OK. 

In fact, it's more dangerous when someone asserts the 'rule' that such comparisons are destructive.  This is because such a practice reinforces the 'it can't happen here' fallacy. 

Ultimately, I think 9/11 was for the USA what the burning of the Reichstag was for Germany. 

Only bigger.

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