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Can you give an example where Obama did something that either Bush senior or jnr would have done?
1. Preclude single payer health care even before the debate begins. 
2. Escalate the war against the Afghans.
3. Summarily execute OBL w/o no trial, no independent autopsy.
4. Summarily execute a US citizen (Sept. 2011). 
5. Hold a prisoner of conscience in solitary confinement and naked.  Hold the same prisoner incommunicado (Brad Manning).
6. Drone strikes in Pakistan, Yemen.
7. Re-Appoint Robt. Gates as SOD upon taking office.  I guess because the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were going so fucking well!
8. Turn the economy over to the same guys who gave us the 2008 meltdown.
9. Bomb Libya.
10. Keep Gitmo open.
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