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@ the OP:

The fact that you find yourself in doubt speaks volumes about Biblegod. 

The fact that he created you with the ability to doubt suggests that he is like a cosmic Monty Hall, giving you clues that are best ambiguous, and forcing you to choose between Door #1, #2, or #3...under the condition that you will spend eternity with whatever is behind that door.  What I mean is, Door #1 might represent Christianity, #2 Islam, #3 Judaism, #4 Hinduism, etc.  Only 1 door being correct, and the other doors leading to Hell. 

This is an omnipotent god that creates infinity smaller and weaker beings (us) and forces us to spend our lives playing Holy Head Games with him. 

Heck, he might have even created you with the intent that you would become an atheist, so as to be free of the nagging feelings of fear and guilt that accompany belief in a giant invisible CIA agent. 
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