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Sin entered the world and the natural and observable order of things in our world and our universe can be likened to the first law of thermodynamics.  That energy can be transformed from one form to another, but cannot be created or destroyed.  So when sin entered the world and continues to this day.  Each time, there is a payment that must be made for sin.  For example:  If I steal from you, you lose something and I get it.  If I destroy that thing, then I must pay for it, or insurance does, or you.....but someone has to pay for that item.
So in the big picture, when we all sin, the payment is stacking up.  Because God's plan for the universe is a plan for it to be sin free and perfect.  So Christ came into our world to pay for the sin of all who will believe in Him.  In the end, there will be a judgement day for those who do not believe.  They will make their own payment. 

Sin is neither matter nor energy. It is an idea. It cannot be meaningfully quantified or measured. Your equating it with matter and energy and asserting that it should be governed by the first LOT has no basis, neither empirical nor theoretical. It doesn't even qualify as a hypothesis, but is merely fantasy. Tell me, Patrick, if you covet your neighbor's wife, exactly how much sin is that, and what's the unit of measure? And since, according to you, sin can be neither created nor destroyed, where exactly did that sin come from? Did some other potential sinner have to commit less sin so that you could commit yours? And if you choose not to commit a sin, does someone else then have to commit more? Do you not see how absurd this is?

Did you really think that you could come here and convince us by dressing up your religious fantasies to make 'em look more "sciency"?
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