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Would it make sense for you daughter to be saved from the sins of your past? Yes, of course. Your personality traits are passed down to your daughter, so if you have certain troublesome habits, its likely she will develop them as well.  Would you like to save her from those? As with hereditary diseases, there are hereditary personality / character flaws which are passed down to our children.  Sin is passed down from Adam and Eve throughout the world.  We do not inherit their guilt for their sins, but are guilty for our own due to inherent weakness on our part.  That's why we need a Saviour, to be our strength in our weakness, to be our Saviour from sin by the power of God. This saving power redeems our lives from destruction if we accept it.  I would invite you to accept that truth.

Original sin is among the most vile, most evil of lies, yet you label it "truth" and pretend that it is good. It is you, Christian, who should be repenting for this sickness that you deliberately attempt to spread. Maybe someday, if you ever break free from the grip of the indoctrination that has poisoned your mind, you will recognize it for the vile thing that it is.
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