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I saw this the other day, I too was going to post it here and at ATT but, sadly, I didn't score too well.

I don't think there's much reason to be embarrassed by that. Much of the "knowledge" on that test amounts to little more than rote memorized trivia.

I saw numerous comments on the CSM's site claiming that this test is evidence of a decline in U.S. public education. It looks like just the opposite to me. I saw nothing in the math portion that a typical modern eight grader wouldn't have been exposed to. The standard 8th grade math course, at least here in Texas, is pre-algebra, which is easily advanced enough for the test questions. More advanced students can take Algebra I in 8th grade, or even earlier in some cases. The grammar part also did not seem out of line for modern 8th graders. Modern 8th graders would likely do poorly on the geography and "who first settled which state" questions, but to me, the decline in those rote-memorization topics is not at all indicative of any general decline in the quality of education, but rather an artifact of less important topics getting displaced by more important and/or more currently relevant topics.
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