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I have noticed that since I was a child that each year they say planet is much older than the thought it went from millions of years to 500 million years old.

Who is this mysterious "they" who has been telling you this? Your mother? Your pastor? Jack Chick comics? Came to you in a dream, perhaps? One thing I can say for sure, it isn't scientists. The generally accepted age of the earth has changed hardly at all since the 1950's. The generally accepted best estimate from the late 1950's was 4.55 billion +/- 1.5%. The current best estimate is 4.54 billion +/- 1%, which is inside the margin of error of the first estimate, so it does not in any way contradict it, but rather confirms and refines it. Even as far back as the 1920's, the consensus has been that the age of the earth is one to several billions of years. You would have to be upwards of 90 years old to have been a child at a time when an age of mere millions was taken at all seriously. And you'd have to have died 60+ years ago for your older every year claim to have had even a vague resemblance to reality, and even then it would not be literally true.

Your claim is obvious bunk. You've either been fed a continuous stream of bogus information since childhood, have misremembered what you've heard, or are just plain making stuff up.
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