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I've got a question for you Nogods.  When I was alone wanting to disappear/vanish felt nothing but despair where else could I have gone?  Humans were the ones hurting me.  Should I have turned to humans?  I'm telling you w/o God there I would have wept until I died!!! :'(

I'm not Nogods, but..

I think you're not giving yourself enough credit. I posit that the one who got you through that is none other than yourself. One of those lowly humans that you don't seem to think very highly of.

I think that the most poisonous aspect of Christianity is the way that it diminishes and disparages the nature of being human. It tells us that we are "fallen", sinful, evil, weak, feeble minded, and generally incapable of accomplishing anything worthwhile on our own. It tells us that we are sheep in need of a shepherd, to whom we should surrender our will. Proper behavior must be dictated to us ("Thou shalt...", "Thou shalt not...) because actually explaining it to lowly sheep would, of course, be futile. We're told that we shouldn't question or try to understand God's tales and rules and "mysterious" ways, because that is beyond what our feeble sheep minds can comprehend. Just believe. And obey. Because that's the only way that us worthless, fallen, evil, stupid sheep can ever be good. And even then, we're not really very good. Just forgiven.

Regardless of whether there are gods, I reject that. Human is an amazing and wonderful thing to be. We are not inherently evil. We are not ugly. We are not a blight on the world. We are not powerless. We are not doomed. We are not incomprehending. We are not sheep.

So what ARE we then? As Carl Sagan put it, "We are a way for the cosmos to know itself." Think about that for a moment. We give the universe consciousness. And in the process, we also give it value, beauty, and purpose. The entire universe would have no value if there were no one to value it. It would have no beauty if there were no one to perceive it. It would have no purpose if there were no one to make use of it. What a profound and privileged position we occupy. We may not be alone in that position, and there may be someone or something out there that does it better than us, but it's still pretty awesome. Some claim that life without God would have no meaning. They're wrong. It isn't any god that gives life meaning. It's us.

The Bible does have some good bits in it. For example, it says that one should "love your neighbor as yourself". The second part of that, to love yourself, is the prerequisite. And to do that, you have to see yourself as worthy of being loved. You have to see yourself as a person, with all of the complexity and potential that entials. Not as a sinner. Not as a sheep.
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