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Thanks Willie.  Sounds like a wise man and so do you. ;)

Paine's book "Age of Reason" is a very good read. And, being over 200 years old, it is public domain so you can read it online for free, and it doesn't cost much for a Kindle edition or a printed copy. It exposes some philosophy of one of our founding fathers that the "this is a Christian nation" claimants would prefer that no one know about. It would be interesting to see how the religious right would react if this book were to be included as required reading for U.S. History in the public high schools. On the one hand, it is very contradictory to both their religious beliefs and their political agenda. But on the other hand, it is an original work by one of our founding fathers, and is very relevant to the enlightenment thinking that was prevalent among nearly all of the founders. They could not credibly argue against it's historical relevance, and it would be very hard for them to raise a stink about it without making it plainly and publicly obvious that it is actually them, and not their opponents, who are trying to indoctrinate our youth with politically and religiously motivated revisionist history. You just can't get any less "revisionist" than original works by the founders themselves, except by trying to suppress some of them.

I think every American should read "Age of Reason". Many, and perhaps even most, will not agree with Paine's ideas, but at least they would be better equipped to recognize the lies and the systematic manipulation and indoctrination that is being pushed upon themselves and their children.


I also recommend watching "The Revisionaries". A documentary about the efforts far right members of the Texas Board of Education to inject a right wing slant into public school curricula. If you have Netflix, you can stream it.
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