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You say you want to see an experiment that shows actual evolution from a lizard to a snake. Well, so does every biologist on the planet, but guess what? It may never be possible to do that particular experiment. Does that mean that all the other evidence for evolution has been invalidated?

No. It just means that the ToE is misleading people by claiming that it is a theory and a fact when a substantial part of it is not based on scientific evidence. Macroevolution is an assumption and unscientific because the scientific method has not been used to verify whether an evolutionary mechanism is capable of producing a snakes-from-lizards type transition.

Seems to me that you are like a kid who refuses to believe that nasty raw eggs, dry sugar, liquid milk and mushy butter could somehow add up to a delicious birthday cake. If you just look at the ingredients and then at the finished cake without accepting that chemical reactions, time and heat are involved then of course it looks impossible, like maybe it had to be magic.

In this thread, I am not claiming that evolution is false. Instead, I am demonstrating that macroevolution from microevolution is an unscientific conclusion.
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