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Similarities (including DNA similarities) between fossils can point to the possibility extraordinarily high probability that snakes may have evolved from lizards, but experimentation is not required in order to demonstrate that there is an evolutionary mechanism capable of producing that result, because we know genetic mutations can do that.

Fixed it for you.

Please show me an experiment that demonstrates there is an evolutionary mechanism capable of producing a snakes-from-lizards transition.

There is a difference between high probability and fact and if you are going to claim that the Theory of Evolution is a theory and a fact, then you need to adhere to the scientific method and demonstrate that there exists an evolutionary mechanism capable of producing those results..... and, in order to do that, you must perform experiments that are measurable and  repeatable so that the hypothesis can either be falsified or confirmed.

You cannot simply "assume" that  snakes evolved from lizards based on observations in the fossil record and similarities in DNA. That is not scientific. It must be demonstrated using the scientific method.
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