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Who are you?

Duh! Look at my picture! I'm the creepy looking dude from Half-Life 2.

What do you want?

See those funny squiggles at the end of some of my statements "?" ? Those are called question marks and they usually indicate an interrogative statement. At this point, the person that those statements are addressed to, in this case - you, could attempt to formulate rational, well-thought-out responses to them. Or you could just ignore them.

Ultimately, what I want, would be for you to critically and honestly look at the responses that you type before you click "Post" and think "Is this logical?", "Does this make sense if not viewed through my God-GogglesTM?", "What would a person, that is not gullible like me, Lukvance, think about these claims?" and perhaps "I just pulled these answers out of my a$$. I hope that they don't still stink of excrement."

I say these things, not to be mean, but to encourage you to examine what you type for logic and consistency. Because your analogies are terrible and often times you post one claim only to completely contradict it a couple posts later. The mental gymnastics that you perform are astounding.

Thank you for you time.
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