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Do you believe that dark matter and dark energy exist? Would you consider the inference that it does exist a rational, reasonable, and intelligent conclusion even though it cannot be seen, touched or smelled and the evidence for it is significantly lacking?
Everyone can see where you are trying to go with this.

I 'accept' what the scientists in the field say about dark matter and dark energy (or the effects of) because these scientists/physicists in these fields are much more knowledgeable about these things than I am. They may have slight disagreements about some aspects but there aren't millions of them making hugely different claims/variations so I consider it reasonable to accept their findings.
My acceptance of scientists and physicists claims about dark matter doesn't require me to tithe to the dark matter/energy.
It doesn't require me to worship or attend worship services for the claims/theory.
These scientists aren't telling me that if I don't accept their theories that I will burn and be tortured in a fiery furnace for all of eternity after I die.
The scientists aren't making wild, unprovable claims about the dark matter/energy - like it answers prayers, it loves me unconditionally, it created the universe, it made the first man out of dirt, etc.

Ultimately, if I accept their claims about dark matter/energy and tomorrow they say "We were wrong! It is rainbow matter/energy!" or "We were wrong! We don't know!" - then it's no huge loss - I don't spend every second of every day thinking that dark matter/energy is watching me, waiting for me to do something that "offends" it. I would just go about my day like any other day.
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