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Most christians are sitting there doing jack shit praying to their god or justifying this type of suffering as part of their sky-daddy's oh so precious (i.e. sadistic) plan.

This is untrue b.s. Christians as a whole give quite a lot to charity.
Oh for fuck sakes !  >:(

Pleth is correct and it is proved by the fact that there are quite likely 3 Billion capable and money making faithheads in this world, and if they were to give proportionately to what the nonbelievers do, or, as Pleth does, 5% of there income to worthy charities, then the world hunger problem would be solved immediately !

B.S. my ass ! What most christians do is give 10% of their income not to charity, but to the place of worship that they attend. I've got news for ya mate:--giving to your church is not giving to charity..It's lining religions pockets that's all.

Most of here have watched for years what churches do with the tithe that comes in and yes, virtually jack shit is given to the real needs of the community and instead invested in bigger buildings, more missionaries out in the field, or better fucking sunday school picnics ! .....I've been on church boards and actually, and embarrassingly, argued with other board members as to whether we send the pastor on a cruise or an all inclusive beach holiday...Fucked up and disgusting stuff now that I think about it !...   approx. 10,000 children under 5 dying every day and we have the nerve to quibble over whether the deluded charlatan pastor can enjoy the buffet at the beachfront restaurant !

You're out to lunch with that statement  :(

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