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My take on this - teacher asked a classroom if anyone knew what the answer to what the square root of nine was. Little Johnny says "it's fucking 3!" and gets suspended for his answer. Is little Johnny's answer right or is the teacher right for suspending for the way he went about saying his answer?

I see this like how a teacher/principal suspends a child for inappropriate behavior or in this case saying something inappropriate in front of others that many might provoke or even encourage the other kids (adults) to say the same things and/or not treat others with the same dignity and respect because of those spoken words about other groups of kids.  Do we really want to condone and say it’s ok for other kids (grown adults) to speak this way about other groups of people, especially when currently those groups don’t have the same equal human rights as others from a political point of view?

In other words, I get freedom of speech but tend to view this as the parents (fans of the show and the family)  siding with the child (grown man in this case) and punishing the teacher (A&E) for trying to make sure the classroom of America is treated fairly and with respect and dignity – for all.


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