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Ok, so I couldn't help it as I had to respond.

"Mom and Papa John (yes I call my step dad papa John), your situation deeply saddens me and frustrates me and I wish there was an easy, simple and pragmatic solution that not only benefited you guys but everyone.  Also, yes, Obama is trying to make it so that all Americans have access to health insurance aka the ACA in which the "haves" have to pay a bit more than the "have nots" .

I think if god and the character  jesus were real not only would he be for healthcare for everyone in America he would want all human beings on the planet to have access but economics and country lines has a tough enough time trying to make it work for the people within the imaginary lines people drew in the sand sort of speak years ago - oh well.  Having said that it's hard to blame the guy in power for at least trying to make things better for the future than the idea that there is another power that supersedes everyone and everything but yet... I love you guys and you don't deserve to have to be stressed or worried - something will work out! Your loving son."
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