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I'm always thinking about how easily many people are so quick to give thanks to our troops etc...  I mean I get but why is it the people who are the most religious always seem to be the "freedom" fighters and always so quick to say "Support our troops" and weirder "god bless" our troops.

One of the most important commandments says "Thou shall not kill"

This to me is probably the most important of the commandment and I'm not even religious.  But why is this so easily disregarded when it's for our so-called "freedom" and what makes this more important then what they believe in the first place which is "God Will"? 

It's obviously all just a bunch of hypocrisy when you think about it.  I suppose if god is imaginary you must take matters in your own hands sort of speak...

Anyways.... I bring this all up because I just can't help but think about all the religious and right-wing hypocrisy surrounding the reason why the government is shutdown in the first place.  The religious "freedom" fighter TEA party doesn't want the US government to provide healthcare for all Americans even if under the idea that the "haves" have to pay a bit more than the "have not's". 

I mean, I just don't get it (I do... but it's just so confusing and frustrating) how people who believe in the character jesus can believe that even he wouldn't want this for not only Americans but everyone on the planet.  But I understand that economics doesn't agree with even jesus's agenda no matter how humane it is....  I guess I'm just really disappointed in people right now reading a lot of the comments in the recent articles and even worst yet.... my mom's recent FB post as I must preface this with my mom and my stepdad don't have very much money to live on or savings. My stepdad has always done manual labor throughout his life (very hard and strenuous work to be sure) and has run into injuries in which he and my mom have received workman's compensation and unemployment....

I checked into health insurance yesterday because our plan ends at the of the year.  We are in deep trouble, it is absolutely unacceptable what we will have to pay.  Praying on what we are supposed to do. Thanks Obama, we are now stressed... oh and that's right can't even afford to be stressed... how do you sleep at night when the American people are being sickened to death....?????? !!!!!!!!!God, change his heart... only you CAN!

Anyways - I'm venting right now and my mind is scattered because I'm deeply saddened and disappointed in how they both think as my own mom's post is filled with so many logical failures, misinformation and bullshit. I want to respond because there other ignorant responses but I know I should just let it go.

How can you bitch about Obama and believe in this guy to answer all your prayers!?

It hurts most when it's your own family that is part of the problem abd there is no reasoning and/or communicating with them on any realistic level I suppose....  :-
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