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To be honest, I've seen too many arguments where people end up being called stupid or idiots or their views are attacked with sarcasm.  I would  not want to expose anyone to that.

I tried to invite my cousin who is a devout christian and even just graduated from a christian college of which I've mentioned here before.  I asked why he wasn't interested in contributing and being part of this forum...

His reply - "Why would I want to do that! Why would I want to join a forum in which I would just be crucified for being a christian!?"

I find this response too overwhelming full of ignorance as well as hypocirsy.  It is the non-believers (athesits if you will) who are the ones being vilified and crucified as far as I can tell simply for not believing.  I think christians really need and require a dose of their medicine sometimes. It's healthy to see reality for what it is and not what you pretend it to be.

Yes, it's true that many of us, including myself come off as being sarcastic.  But let's be honest here for a moment.  I have to come off that way because I cannot and will accept people who genuinely believe in things that cannot be true.  Worse yet, later go on to make decisions and then go on to vote for the president of a country based on white lies that they are convinced are real.

These people think they are doing gods bidding but in the end they are very dangerous to many - including my future, unborn children.  When you look at it from the overall picture it's difficult not to mean and cruel to people who ultimatly unkowingly promote "mean and cruelness".  They just do not see the big picture.  They choose to only see the 'love' that it is portrayed as.

Love can and does exist without believing in a fairytale. Hope can and does exist without the fairytale.  The problem is most people think you can't have 1 without the other. Seperating from a secruity blanket is near impossible as an adult but it's difficult to smile and not come off as mean when people just don't have facts and evidence to back up an astoundingly large claim.

But I get it... And at the end of the day my mom still can't tell certain people she knows her son is an atheist because again, it's considered evil in some circles of her religous friends.   :-

So yes, I find it difficult to feel bad for these types of people sometimes. 

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